S.No. Title Click for View
1 Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences (JEBAS) Link
2 Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences Link
3 Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Link
4 Plant, Soil and Environment Link
5 Agriculture and Forestry Link
6 Asian Journal of Agricultural and Food Sciences (AJAFS) Link
7 Journal of Research in Agriculture and Animal Science (JRAAS) Link
8 Journal of Agriculture and Applied Biology (JAAB) Link
9 Online Journal of Animal and Feed Research Link
10 Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology  Link
11 Animal Production Link
12 Asian Journal of Agriculture and Biology (AJAB)  Link
13 Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences Link
14 International Journal of Agricultural Sciences   Link
15 Journal of Agriculture and Natural Resources Link
16 Journal of Nepal Agricultural Research Council     Link
17 Advances in Agriculture        Link
18 Asian Journal of Agriculture and Development  Link
19 Agriculture and human values   Link
20 Jurnal Agronomi Indonesia Link
21 Frontiers of Agriculture in China Link
22 Journal of Integrative Agriculture Link
23 International journal of agriculture innovations and research Link
24 Advanced Science Letters      Link
25 Asian journal of agriculture and food science Link
26 Acta Fytotechnica et Zootechnica Link
27 The Open Agriculture Journal Link
28 Journal of Agricultural Economics Link
29 Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences Link
30 Indian Journal of Agronomy Link
31 Indian Journal of Agricultural Research Link
32 Indian Journal of Agricultural Biochemistry Link
33 Krishak Jagat
34 Krishikosh

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